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All (well, mostly) About Colour

Just as an artist mixes primary colours on a palette, a colour space is a digital representation of the same process, to develop a range of possible colours and luminance values.

Colour Theory explains the relationship of different colours to each other as well as how they how they look when they are combined.

Colour Psychology explores the symbolism of different colours and the way in which they engender different emotions.

Colour Profiles: The colour profiles mostly used in design are RGB (red, green and blue. Digital: photography, screen displays and web) and CMYK (Process colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Used when designing for print).

Spot Colours: Sometimes, accuracy and consistency when it comes to colour across print jobs is crucial, such as for logos and colour-specific brand elements. Pantone inks are most commonly used for spot colour printing.

colour wheel shutterstock 1062050546